Why FFAs Suite is offered as an annual service?

We don't just give you the tools, we also supply you on a daily basis with live market and historical data. It takes a lot of time and effort on a daily basis to make sure the right information is available to you free of errors and complete in context.

Why I have to install a dedicated application on my PC?

Althaugh a web based application would have been an alternative form of distributing FFAs Suite, the internal complexity and resources required for the functioning of the application makes this option currently prohibitive. We are constantly working with the latest techniologies in order to be able to present you with the best product in the most convinient way. 

I like the FFAs Market View Concept, is there a mobile phone version available?

We are currently working to transfer the Market View concept of displaying live prices on mobile phones environmet. A number of our customers have been asking for this flexibility, so it makes a lot of sense to have aproduct like this available for the travelling warrior.

I nstalled the application but it fails to start when attempting to connect to the web

Althaugh the application is designed to connect to the web in a transparent and unintrusive way, taking special consideration for the needs of corporate environments sitting behind firewalls, there is limited compatibility if your organization is using a web proxy to redirect user traffic. We are constantly trying to improve on thse compatibility issues.

I have installed the trial version and my free period of use has expired, how can I purchase a subscription?

When your trial period expires a message will appear alerting you to the fact. You will be given a choice to purchase a valid subscription by redirecting you to the appropriate payments site.

I have a valid live subscription and I want to install and use the suite on a second computer.

The current licensing system allows you to install and use the application on a single dedicated PC. If you want to use a second PC as a back up then you have to de-register your existing PC from the license and register the new PC under the same license.