FFAs Suite - Get Started

What's Included

FFAs Suite includes the following tools:

  • FFA Market Viewer
  • FFA Options Calculator
  • FFA TC Option Calculator

Skill Levels Required

For more efficient usage of our tools certain familiarity with options pricing theory is strongly encouraged.

What the Service Provides:

Installation Instructions:

FFAs Suite is a Microsoft Windows Client application that needs to be installed in your PC. The following requirements should be in place for succesful installtion of the application:

Press the link to the left to be redirected to the product installation page. If your PC is a relatively modern one, then most probably Microsoft .NET 4.0 is already installed. If not, the installation application will redirect you to the appropriate Microsoft link page to doanload and install .NET 4.0.

The installation page at the web looks like this:

Note: Before installing anything else choose first to install the Microsoft VC++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable package, this is absolutly essential for the installation to proceed smoothly. Subsequently you can press the Install Button, or the launch phrase if you are certan all requirements are in place.

Networking Requirements:

In order for the application to function properly your PC has to be connected to the web. If your PC is sitting behind a corporate firewall there is no need to open up any special ports for the application to communicate properly with the data server.

However, if your organization is utlizing a proxy server to redirect user traffic for the internet there is limited compatibility and the application could not function properly, or not be able to run at all. Upon installation of the trial version you should be able to pinpoint any potential bottlenecks.

Support: If you encounter any problems with the installation, or you require additional help, please feel free to contact us at sales@artbtrading.com