FFA Market View

When absolute pricing precission and access to the latest market data is a must, FFAs Suite is the most robust solution in the FFAs industry, offering traders an invaluable tool to be alerted on live market data, and accurately price FFA options and Time Charter Embedded Options.

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FFA Option Calculator

The most robust FFA options calculator in the industry. State of the art analytical and MC Simulation pricing models. Daily updated historical data for index spot prices, swaps closing levels, implied volatility. See all market trends with graphs. Consideration for actual market holidays.

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FFA TC Calculator

Ever wondered as a ship owner how much this TC option period you are giving away is actually worth in monetary terms? With our unique in the industry TC Calculator you can accurately price any embeded with options TC structure, like profit participation, caps and floors etc.

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FFAs Suite Increases your productivity manyfolds

Whether you are an FFAs options worrior, fighting for this extra vol tick you can grasp from the markets, or a seasoned ship operator that wants to enhance the monetary yield of his vessels's employment profile, our solution offers something for everyone.

FFAs suite is the only online service in the market that offers you the tools and techniques to be a winner among cut throat competion that is lurking to skim your profitability. The suite offers a number of unique tools and informative data to help you evaluate the existing market profiles, and assist you in making the right decission at the right time.